Pixel & Code Studio is a husband and wife duo that specializes in web design and development, graphic design, marketing and branding. Vanessa Lambert is the designer and marketing specialist (“Pixel”) and her husband, Bruce, is the tech lead and web developer (“Code”). Together, they form the ultimate team and are helping small businesses throughout Simsbury and the Farmington Valley markets grow their presence on the web with high quality, professional websites and a variety of other invaluable marketing solutions.


Before formally starting their own business, Bruce and Vanessa worked with a number of agencies throughout the state. Both as partners or individually, they have worked with dozens of household names including the NFL, MasterCard, Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, and Comcast. Throughout their years of working in the industry, they would experience first-hand how these large-scale agencies operated. They saw many opportunities for improvement upon efficiency and ways of doing business, but knew that the only way to really make an impact was to take matters into their own hands. So, together, they made it a personal goal to take bits and pieces of the best aspects of all of these many experiences to create a hybrid solution for clients. Thus, Pixel & Code was born.


Bruce and Vanessa were in agreement that working with the bigger brand names wasn’t the goal for Pixel & Code. Most of the past agencies they’d worked with felt the need to go after the “bigger fish” in order to cover the expensive costs of overhead and a team of 20 or more individuals. But Pixel & Code represents something different. They built their reputation by collaborating with small businesses. For starters, they felt that it was a much more rewarding final outcome when they could work on a personal level with local individuals. Pixel & Code Studio is extremely invested in their community. So having the ability to watch fellow local business owners succeed seemed like a win-win solution to earn a living while simultaneously helping their neighbors prosper. And because it’s just the two owners who run the business from their home, their overhead is low and, in turn, they are able to offer significantly more cost effective solutions to their clients.


Now, after two years of business, Pixel & Code is taking Simsbury by storm. They have been very involved with the Simsbury Chamber of Commerce and it’s been a tremendous avenue for them to interact with local business owners and earn new clients. Most of their new client base comes from word of mouth, so their reputation and high standards of customer service throughout the entire process is their number one priority. For more information on the vast array of services that Pixel & Code Studio can assist your business with, please visit

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