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Simsbury Airport is one of the oldest airports in the State.  We're the site of the annual Simsbury Fly-In and Car show, which is  the largest event of its kind in the northeastern USA.  Each September we bring 15,000 spectators to town, and display over 750 beautiful airplanes and cars in a country fair atmosphere.  More than 150 businesses of all kinds market their services with exhibits, sponsorships or advertising.  You can see our show in full detail at


Our airport is operated by the Simsbury Flying Club, an all-volunteer non-profit corporation.  We are perhaps the only public-use airport in the country that is operated entirely by volunteers.   We are entirely self-supporting, as we receive no financial support from local, state or federal governments.  Our financial support comes from members who pay monthly dues, profits from the sale of aviation fuel, and business tenants who occupy our premises.

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